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SatSang, Meditation and Mantras

Meditation and Mantras

The final aim of the different branches of the Yoga discipline is to control the mind and to contact the Higher Self, the soul, the most authentic part of ourselves.

The first four branches of Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama, prepare the body and mind to enter the higher state of consciousness.

In our meditation course we will learn the techniques belonging to the last four branches of Yoga and that conduce the student to the meditation and to samadhi.

PRATYAHARA (withdrawal of the senses from the external world)

This word means to reach a state similar to the one we experience during sleeping. During that state we exclude our awareness of sounds which do not interest us, the tactile sensations, our sight and smell. In the same way, during meditation, our concentration is focused on ourselves, not on the external world. We keep the attention on ourselves.

DHARANA (intense concentration)

Patanjali, the father of yoga, indicates Dharana as the concentration of our mind on one point or on something.

It can be the point between our eyebrows, the image of a Guru, the sound of a mantra, Concentration liberates the mind and prepares it for the next step.

DHYANA (meditation)

Entering the meditation state allows the yogi to experience for a longer time, a deep connection to the Universal Consciousness. The experience of Dhyana is linked to the expansion, serenity and release.


The samadhi represents the liberation, the perfect awareness of the supreme truth, in which there are no more distinction, oppositions, but you experience the Self as part of Everything. The samadhi is a state of total absorption, in which the yogi becomes one with the point of concentration, in which the yogi overcome the concept of Ego and the distinction between observer and the object observed.


Satsang is the name given to the Awakened Soul. The Satguru makes a Satsang. Where do you go to realize God? To the Satsang, where the Teacher, Saint or Master realized the Truth and is competent to teach this wisdom to the students. In truth, Satsang is the medicine for the pain and illnesses linked to the ignorance of the Truth, to look for the answer to the question: Does God exist and where can I realize God?
We can develop this habit of going to meet the Master and participating to the speeches full of divine knowledge. Sometimes you can observe people with a weak preparation tend to spiritually grow, only being in contact with the radiation of the Master’s power and of the atmosphere prepared. Brothers, keep the link with the Satsang and all your wrongdoings will be repaired. Even your terrestrial life will be successful. Even the body is blessed during the Satsang. The Satsang is like a protective space around the saint, seed of spirituality, and it is useful to enjoy the divine radiance and to obtain clarity of vision. ( Sant Kirpal Singh Ji )